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Spring into health Sale **May6th - June 2nd
Spring into health Sale **May6th - June 2nd

EFX KRE Alkalyn Powder 200g

by EFX
Size (servings)
  • Patent Protected. Which means the product cannot be duplicated.
  • Stable in liquid. When mixed with water or added to your pre-workout or BCAA/EAA the ingredients remain stable and will not dilute in potency if left mixed for the duration of your workout!
  • Reaches muscles at full potency. If you take 3g of Kre-Alkalyn, your muscles are absorbing 3g! Unlike regular creatine monohydrate where you are only able to absorb 2-3g out of a 5g serving.
  • Does not convert to toxic creatinine. Unlike regular creatine monohydrate Kre-Alkalyn will never convert to creatinine no matter how much you are cycling.
  • No loading phase required. Kre-Alkalyn starts from the moment of the first dose. You do not need to load it for it to start working.