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EXCLUSIVE SIZE SALE - Buy1 Get1 25% OFF Ends March 17th
EXCLUSIVE SIZE SALE - Buy1 Get1 25% OFF Ends March 17th

Magnum Volume 150 Caps

by Magnum

Get Pumped Up! Magnum Nutraceuticals’ new VOLUME Capsules will turn up and intensify your muscle pumps!

Formulated with clinically dosed and award-winning ingredients, Magnum VOLUME will improve nitric oxide production, blood flow, exercise efficiency, and focus.

By enhancing vasodilation, you will drive more oxygen and nutrients into your muscle tissue, delaying training fatigue. Magnum VOLUME is formulated to not only maximize nitric oxide production but also to halt your body’s ability to diminish nitric oxide once it’s been produced.

The result? Impressive, skin-splitting pumps that last all day! Experience the most massive muscle pumps of your life and have more fun in the gym!

● Amplifies Muscle Pumps ● Maximizes Nitric Oxide Production ● Enhances Oxygen & Blood Flow ● Increases Mental Focus ● Improves Exercise Efficiency 

Magnum VOLUME’s maximum absorption capsules are easy to digest and start to work within 15 minutes! This formula is stimulant-free, perfect for stacking, and backed by Magnum’s unmatched quality, integrity, and guaranteed results!